Unique hand painted replicas of historical medieval illustrations and typefaces

Explore the beautiful collection of high-quality gifts and museum replicas, historically accurate and exclusively designed.

Scriptorium.dk recreates and reproduces historic, illustrated handicraft. All of the products are handmade by graphic designer Søren Bie, from his idea that historical illustrations don’t just have to be enjoyed and experienced in books, in museums and through digital media, but also as copy-art which can bring joy and be owned by many.

All of the pieces are handmade in my own studio and with high quality materials. Each work is unique and reproduced only in a few numbers. Every artwork is an authentic, historical and handmade copy.

Scriptorium reconstructs, among other things, illustrated medieval scripts, miniature books, with great detailed beauty in high artistic quality. Recreated, utilizing both the original and my own special techniques, make the artworks look like several hundred years old medieval illustrations.

All the pieces are unique, handcrafted and Danish artworks, which are rarely found anywhere else. All the works can be purchased.

Founder and creator Søren Bie