Working with handmade typography and historical illustrations

Project Scriptorium is created by Søren Bie, born in 1964. I’m originally educated as a graphic designer and I work with many different types of illustrative design. These include web design, illustrations, logo design, typography, colorization, cartoonist and even mural paintings and just about anything in between.

I live in Copenhagen where I work as self-employed on a freelance basis. It is possible to find more information about me and the creative world I live in on my website:

Why do I work with this?

Partly to pay homage to an almost died-out handicraft and partly because of a passion for working with something so full of dignity and soul as these artworks are. I have always found interpretations of culture and art history to be incredibly interesting and for which I have created web projects like 

Working with handmade typography and historical illustrations give me a contrast to today’s digitalized, rectified and oversimplified conformity where e-mails and cell phones have almost completely erased the handwritten art of calligraphy.

By recreating the original scriptures and illustrations, Scriptorium’s artworks can be used as a contribution to the development and understanding of both Danish and international historical research.