Recreated after the original historical works

Today, it’s hard to even come near an original book from the Middle Ages. They are priceless and very rare and are usually only kept in Universities, in State Libraries or with private collectors. These early illustrative masterpieces can, on account of their fragile nature, understandably only be experienced by a select few people.

For the largest part, only historians and students have access to these. If you are neither and you want to experience the original medieval scriptures today, you have to go to an exhibit, through a digital media or via a modern reproduction.

Try to imagine having one of these exquisite artworks hanging on your wall with a page from a book that looks like it is from the 13th or 14th century­? This is actually possible today. Except it’s not an original, 700-year-old page or illustration, but an almost exact, handcrafted copy.  It is hand-painted, “real” copy-art, carefully recreated after the original historical works.