True to the original medieval scriptures

With such a specialized craft, there are no easy shortcuts. I use both strength and love in recreating the original historical motifs and in giving every single motif a new life where every little detail has been given attention. All products are made with materials of very high quality. For example, using imitated gold-leaf and high-quality paper. I don’t often work with real gold-leaf as it was used for about 6-700 years ago, nor is the parchment made of animal hides since it is both expensive and time-consuming.

To achieve the results that can be experienced in the original historical documents and scriptures, besides the original technique, I also use modern and self-made techniques. I often experiment, mixing both old and modern techniques to reach the desired result.

The characteristics of the products

It is’s specialty and characteristic that many of the artworks look like they really are very old, almost as if it was a page taken directly out of an old handmade book from medieval times or a fresco taken down from a church-wall.

I strive to recreate the motifs in an artistically high quality that stays true to the original medieval scriptures. In most of’s artwork the aim is to create the products to look as real as possible and make them seem like they were created in the given era.