1. Ownership

Scriptorium.dk and the webshop is owned by Søren Bie.

2. Prices and more

Scriptoriums products are originals as well since it is 100% handmade. Every product is unique; therefore the products prices are set according to the quality of materials, what richness and quality the details have and how long I spent on the product.

If you want to buy or order please contact Me by email. Scriptorium doesn’t accept electronic payment yet; but if you want to buy a product you can do it by bank transfer. A product is first bought or ordered when your payment has been registered and you have received a receipt from scriptorium.dk If you have any doubts, it is always possible to contact me.

All prices are quoted in Euros (EUR). Please note that if you place an order for delivery outside Denmark, it is your responsibility to pay import duties that may be added. I retain the right to refuse an order for whatever reason I may have.

3. Delivery
What does the shipping cost and when will I receive my delivery?
I strive to deliver all packages within 2-4 days from when ordered.
When your payment has been registered (The day after if by bank transfer) the product will be made ready for sending. Hereafter you should receive the package within 7-14 days. Delivery will happen through Post Danmark by their rates. At the immediate moment of delivery, please make sure that the product is intact. If the product is not intact, please contact me about it.

4. Return Policy

I follow the Danish Sale of Goods Act (Købeloven, LBK nr 237 af 28/03/2003). Return the goods to me within 14 days from delivery date, if you are not satisfied with them. I will refund the sales price, when you have returned the goods in salable condition.

If you choose to return a product, you just have to return the product in the same condition and the same quantity, as when it was received. When the product is received by Me and approved, your money will be returned to your bank account within a few days. It would be much appreciated, should you choose to return a product, if you would send a message along explaining why you returned it. Please note that you as a customer must cover all return, shipping, and exchange costs.

5. Trademark, texts, photos, and design

Scriptorium owns the webshop’s trademark, photos, texts, and design. You are free to use photos, if you credit me with linking to the webshop. The trademark is protected by International and Danish Copyright and other Intellectual Property laws.

6. Privacy & Personal information (Read more)

I use Google Analytics to analyze information about visitors. All personal information given to Scriptorium will not be passed on to any third party. Information such as name, address, email address and others are only for the purpose of sending any purchased products.