Book of Hours, use of Paris. ca. 1400-1450



Original info
Title: Book of Hours, use of Paris
Year: ca. 1400-1450
Origin: France – Paris
Painter: Master of the Duke of Bedford

Scriptorium info
Title: The Gospel of John
Technique: Hand-painted gouache, watercolor on special processed art paper.
Reconstruction carried out: 2009-2010

Category: SKU: MST.004.F013.R001


Illustration depicting a scene from the Gospel of John. Decorated initial and five lines of text. The Apostle Saint John writes the Revelations on the island of Patmos with his eagle holding one end of the scroll, while the devil steal his ink holster. The leaves form a lush, near U-shaped frame and are surrounded by thin, swirling pink or blue clover leaf branches and ornament.

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